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Creative Shop Stamper Pillow (replacement head)

Creative Shop Stamper Pillow (replacement head)

11 USD

This is a Presale item

The order will be placed with Creative Shop on Monday, March 9. Orders will accepted here until the listing closes in March 10.

You will receive: 1 translucent silicone stamper head

  • 1 replacement translucent silicone stamper head
  • USPS First Class shipping within the US
  • a little surprise something from t&h <3

Made of high grade, "Platinum Silicone", the Creative Shop brand stamper is the stamper of choice for use with any design plate.

review by Lucy's Stash

Information from Creative Shop's website:

  • universal size for any nails
  • fingerprint images of high quality
  • maximum ease of transfer onto the nail, regardless of the type of picture
  • Platinum silicone is very high quality, long term work
  • ergonomic holder
  • working diameter 32mm
  • transparent card-scraper for easy removal of varnish
  • source;

    You will be able to add any t&h items items to your order after the stampers arrive in the states. 

    These stampers are made in the Ukraine and should take about a month for you to receive yours. Please allow an excess (6-8 weeks) for anything unpredictable! This is a preorder and they will have to get to me in New York, from the Ukraine before I can ship them home to you. I want you have them As Soon As Possible and I truly appreciate your patience. It really all depends on how fast the mail travels around the earth. 

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