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NEW Primordial (flaky holo)

NEW Primordial (flaky holo)

11 USD

NEW larger, round bottle, with flat brush*!

Primordial is an iridescent and holo topper made of of flaky particulate and metallic rainbow dusty specks.

this new formulation includes a speckling of flaky hexies not previously in the original batch.

Fundamentally perfect for galaxy nail art.

Add a coat or few to any base color, sweep it over well arted mani, or use layer it into a sandwich or pond mani. It will big bang new life into soft and pastel cremes and punch through space and time on deeper and dark base colors. Dances to it's own rhythm any good black. Has the potential to change your perception,  if only temporarily. 

Swatches show Primordial used with additional colors. The black is t&h dark matter, the pink is an OPI sheer tint.
*Photo shows original, smaller sized bottle. Orders are for new larger round bottle with flat brush.