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PTO ring around the rosy

PTO ring around the rosy

11 USD

NEW larger, round bottle, with flat brush*! Oh yeahhh :D

ring around the rosy glitter & jelly

crushed roses, lavender & lilac bits, sickly spots of black (the telltale mark of the plague) & the occasional white heart, all floating in an dried floral ashen haze.

ring around the rosy
a pocket full of posies
ashes, ashes
we all fall down

children sing of The Black Death. maybe you spoke different words, the tune changes with region in an interesting way, but it's not many that haven't played this game as a wee one. It wasn't until later in life that I learned the dark & dubious meaning behind the words.

bundles of flowers were often carried to protect against the foul odors or miasmas, believed to be the cause of this and other dreadful diseases.

*Photo shows original, smaller sized bottle. Orders are for new larger round bottle with flat brush.
**PTO: poured to order, colorways will be mixed & poured as they are purchased. Don't stalk the mail-person for 2 more weeks ;)
All Hallows colorways are due for a regular restock in August 2017