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this is matteness

this is matteness

this is matteness!  is a shine-killing topcoat

it will leave no evidence of light reflection, none.


this is matteness was used by nail artist Britney Tokyo in the July 2013 issue of Marie Claire. RIGHT HERE. as these things sometimes go, credit was taken away from the little guy (that would be me) and given to a big mass market brand (that didn't need it or even know about it). Deliberately? I don't doubt it. & while i am at it, Dawn Sterling used my glitterbomb for her amazing galaxy nail art as part of the same feature! the polish they called it doesn't even look remotely like what was used, cuz i made it - but-  i've take it in stride. in a way, it is kind of awesome, to know some of my polishes were good enough not only to be featured in a very serious magazine, but to also be mis-credited :