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PTO transcendental world

PTO transcendental world

11 USD

NEW larger, round bottle, with flat brush*! Oh yeahhh :D

cold & deep dark blue true jelly with floating holographic sparkle. 

sku #001, the very first t&h colorway ever to have been made!

this recipe was updated in 2012. originally released as special edition (and called 001s), transcendental world is like the original 001, just better. it has a extra layer of depth. 

001 is designed to look it's best when applied in 3 thin coats, but 2 medium coats look just as lovely! Or, layer 1 thin coat over a dark or complementary base color- like i dunno, dark blue ;) or toss a coat onto a 2 day old mani to freshen it up. I recommend sealing with a supr shiny topcoat like Poshe or Seche Vite to enhance the layered effect.

*Photo shows original, smaller sized bottle. Orders are for new larger round bottle with flat brush.
**PTO: poured to order, colorways will be mixed & poured as they are purchased. Don't stalk the mail-person for 2 more weeks ;)