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PTO tutu

PTO tutu

11 USD
NEW larger, round bottle, with flat brush*! Oh yeahhh :D

tutu is a glitterbomb of the girly girl persuasion that even a stone cold goths have loved

you either wanted to be, or wanted to kick, that kid with the non-scary costume. little ballerinas, the firemen, the kids dressed as cats & dogs- listen here, don't go around kicking wee ballerinas! wear tutu with your fabulously evil costume instead!

*Photo shows original, smaller sized bottle. Orders are for new larger round bottle with flat brush.
**PTO: poured to order, colorways will be mixed & poured as they are purchased. Don't stalk the mail-person for 2 more weeks ;)
All Hallows colorways are due for a regular restock in August 2017